Shoal is a systems engineering company with teams of dedicated, passionate, high-calibre individuals based in Australia and the United States.

Shoal is small, smart and agile. We are not a large company, but we have established a reputation as problem solvers on a very large scale.

Our core markets are defence, emergency services, health, transportation and intelligent infrastructure.

What makes us unique is our focus on early-stage design.

Shoal specialises in working ‘left of the spec’ – defining what the system needs to do to meet the needs, goals and objectives of stakeholders.

When developing solutions we focus on understanding the whole system, its environment and the complex interactions of its elements.

We help our clients clearly define the complex problems they’re facing and design solutions they can trust.

``The systems we work on every day move dynamically and evolve quickly, and we do the same``

– Shaun Wilson, CEO, Shoal


We embrace complexity.

As a systems engineering company, Shoal knows that complexity in real-world problems can rapidly escalate. And despite projects and organisations becoming more complex, time schedules and budgets are diminishing. Reductionist approaches no longer work. Simplification is not the answer. This is why at Shoal, we embrace complexity. Our recruitment, professional development and project planning are underpinned by this ethos.

We understand smart engineering begins with smart decisions.

At Shoal, we focus on the early-stage of project lifecycles, developing a deep understanding of the problem and its environment. This approach, combined with revolutionary systems thinking and rigorous engineering practises, has seen our team lead development of the conceptual design for some of Australia’s largest and most complex systems in industries such as defence, emergency services, health, transport and intelligent building domains.

We solve the right problem.

Our clients’ projects regularly involve significantly large but undefined numbers of moving pieces that are interrelated and technically challenging. At Shoal, we crave such challenges. Embracing complexity and deep insight, we implement fit-for purpose and elegant solutions to deliver a competitive edge.


We’ve attracted some remarkable people to work with us, recruited from a wide range of industries; and their talents and skills are reflected in the type and scope of work we do.

  • Shaun Wilson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Shaun Wilson is our Chief Executive Officer. He is a practising systems engineer with particular expertise in aerospace modelling and simulation and in conceptual design of complex systems.

  • Dr David Harvey
    Chief Systems Engineer

    David Harvey is our Chief Systems Engineer, he holds a bachelor degree and a doctorate both in the field of mechatronics.

  • Michael Waite
    Chief Operating Officer

    Our Chief Operating Officer, Michael Waite is a senior systems engineer with experience in the leadership and project management of large, complex projects.



Our strong research program, active participation in the global systems engineering community, and investment in ourselves enables us to provide our clients with better solutions.

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