Our Team

Shoal has established a reputation as problem solvers on a large scale.

Shoal is a systems engineering company that has attracted some remarkable people to work with us from a wide range of industries. Their talents and skills are reflected in the type and scope of work we do.

We are a team of dedicated, passionate, high-calibre individuals based in Australia and the United States. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to get quality results for our clients.


Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Wilson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of systems engineering house, Shoal, a firm which focuses on conceptual design of large, complex defence and transportation systems. Starting his career as an aerospace engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force, he later moved to the private sector where he worked in various engineering and corporate roles before founding Shoal in 2001.

During his career, Shaun has led a range of technology initiatives including development of the first in-service Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for the Australian Army, early development of broadband communications capability for Antarctica using small satellites (Antarctic Broadband), and practical implementation of model-based design approaches for large, complex military systems (since used for several major defence programs). Shaun also led the ‘spin out’ of one of Shoal’s internal research efforts into QxBranch, a US-headquartered quantum computing and data analytics firm that services finance, insurance, aerospace, and security customers worldwide.

Shaun is a published author the study of complex systems, in military technology, and in aerospace modelling and simulation. He holds technical and management degrees from institutions in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Shaun has previously been president of the Australian Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and is a former director of the Australian Space Research Institute Ltd. He is a life member of both the Royal United Services Institute of Australia and of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Chief Operating Officer

Michael is a Senior Systems Engineer with experience in the leadership and project management of large, complex socio-technical projects. Michael has demonstrated experience in the application of systems thinking techniques and has a keen interest in model-based approaches to conceptual design and systems engineering. As Chief Operating Officer at Shoal, Michael provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to meet the company’s needs and to effectively grow the organisation. The role focuses on running day-to-day operations as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst ensuring the quality of enabling business systems.


Chief Engineer

David holds a bachelor degree and a doctorate both in the field of mechatronics. As Chief Engineer, David leads the company engineering effort. This involves developing and maintaining individual and team professional mastery in systems engineering and other associated engineering domains within the company and overseeing the application of this mastery to ensure delivery of quality client products. This role also involves continuing project work in complex capability definition and concept engineering using a model-based approach.


Shoal is committed to providing an innovative, motivating, safe and fair environment where each member of our team is encouraged and provided with every opportunity to succeed.

In return we seek dedicated, professional team members who support the culture of Shoal.

Key behaviours & beliefs that underpin the Shoal culture include:

  • Expectation of excellence
  • Mutual support and trust
  • Positivity and optimism
  • Investment in professional development
  • Open & frank environment
  • Seek out interesting work
  • Self leadership & flexibility

To learn more about employment opportunities at Shoal, send us an updated CV for consideration to [email protected]

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Our corporate culture is one of continuous improvement and ‘benchmarking’ against international best practice through scholarly publication of our work in Australia and overseas; a full overview of our publications can be found on our research area.

Our corporate development program covers ongoing improvements in business systems and the professional development of all team members through peer review, professional supervision and mentoring, education and training. Each professional in our team is required to author (preferably as lead author) and publish a scholarly paper at least once every two years.

We are a major Skilling Australian’s Defence Industry (SADI) Program funding recipient and have had two members graduate from the CASG-sponsored Executive Masters of Business in Complex Project Management (EMCPM) course at the Queensland University of Technology.

We also participate in a range of professional and business conferences in Australia and overseas including: