Capability in Complexity

Shoal are leaders in systems thinking. We use it to help clients define, manage and deliver big projects in complex environments; the kinds of projects that you dream of, but then have nightmares trying to figure out.

These projects often have lots of moving pieces that are interrelated and technically challenging, so we use a rigorous, complex systems engineering approach, based on best practices gleaned from around the world (amongst which are our own). When we do this, all the pieces of the system come together to enable our clients to make better decisions, manage resources, adapt, avoid risks and achieve objectives.

We help our clients clearly define the complex problems they are facing and design solutions they can trust.

Systems engineering support to a defence industry prime

BACKGROUND Pacific Aerospace Consulting (PAC) is the prime contractor supporting the JP2089 Phase 2A Initial Common Support Infrastructure (ICSI) for Tactical Data Links (TDL) delivered under the Multi-Tactical Data Link…


Mapping complexity to attain materiel seaworthiness compliance

BACKGROUND The Rizzo Report published findings as a result of an investigation into the seaworthiness of naval vessels. Amongst the recommendations to ensure appropriate management of the repair and maintenance…


Seamless integration with capability design team

BACKGROUND The Australian Army’s Joint Counter Improvised Explosive Device (JCIED) Capability helps protect Australian and Coalition forces from the effects of Improved Explosive Devices (IED). In 2017, Shoal worked to…


Next Generation Flight Analysis Capability development

BACKGROUND Shoal’s Next Generation Flight Analysis Capability (NGFAC) is a capability that fits within the Decision Support and Analytics (DSA) program. It consists of a set of bespoke processes and…


Digital Systems – Understanding the risk and impact on Sydney’s rail network, operators and customers

PROBLEM Transport for NSW (TfNSW) develops and delivers an integrated transport system including roads, rail, ferries, light rail and point to point transport, as well as the planning, policy, systems…


FastCAD – A feasibility study on UAV-based scanning and 3D CAD modelling of naval ships

PROBLEM Department of Defence, Science and Technology (DST)’s primary role is to coordinate science and technology for national security. They provide expert support and advice for the conduct of Defence…


Designing an Antarctic broadband capability

PROBLEM The Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) was an Australian Government research initiative. It provided $40 million over four years, through a competitive merit-based grants program, to support space-related research,…


Ensuring readiness to implement a major asset replacement program

PROBLEM The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) is one of the largest multi-modal transport systems in the USA, operating bus, rail, subway and mobility access public transport systems. They planned a…


Ensuring network integrity for one of the largest, busiest and most complex tram networks in the world

PROBLEM Over two million trips are taken on Victoria’s trains, trams and buses each day helping people get to work and school, access critical services, as well as socialise, shop…


Creating a data structure to effectively capture complex battle management systems data

PROBLEM Our Defence Client is responsible for providing strategic and technical intelligence advice. The database they use is updated constantly, as new system information becomes available and when new system…


Tangara train upgrade – OEM technology solutions

Transport for New South Wales is upgrading the existing Tangara rolling stock to extend their operating life by 10 years. This upgrade modernises the fleet and brings the equipment in…


WSAF – The Whole-of-System Analytical Framework

Shoal has been instrumental in developing structured frameworks supporting capability definition and acquisition. In collaboration with Australian Defence agencies, Shoal has developed a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to assist…


Model-based capability in fire and emergency services

The Government of Western Australia’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES), identified in the publication “New Beginnings 2024” that:  “A major focus for DFES in 2012/13 is to design…


JP154 – Defeat roadside bombs

The use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs, or roadside bombs) by insurgents continues to represent a major threat to conventional Defence forces around the world. Part of the reason this…


Integrated air and missile defence

Since 2009, Shoal has been at the forefront of the conceptual design of the Australian Defence Force’s future air defence capabilities. We initially applied our model-based conceptual design methods to…


SEA 1000 – Future Submarine

The Future Submarine project aims to deliver a conventional submarine capability that is regionally dominant whilst being affordable and sustainable. It is considered to be the largest and most complex…


SEA 5000 – Future Frigate

SEA 5000 Phase 1 (Future Frigate) will introduce into service the next generation of naval surface combatants and is one of the Australian Defence’s largest projects with an estimated worth…


LAND 400 – Land combat vehicle system

LAND 400 aims to enhance the mounted close combat capability of the Land Force, and Shoal’s engagement has spanned many years, and transferred from Capability Design within Army, to acquisition…


Quantum computing

QxBranch is our quantum computing software and services company founded by Shoal and formed out of a World-unique research collaboration agreement with Lockheed Martin. Announced in May 2014, the agreement initiated the…


Small satellites

Shoal has been growing engineering and business capabilities for some time. We achieved major recognition in 2009 when an Australian, Canadian and US consortium of companies and research institutions, led…


Joint direct attack munition extended range

In 2014, the Royal Australian Air Force approached Shoal to undertake an analysis of the Joint Direct Attack Munition Extended Range variant (JDAM-ER). Since JDAM-ER represents the conversion of an…


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