Capability in Complexity

Shoal are leaders in systems thinking. We use it to help clients define, manage and deliver big projects in complex environments; the kinds of projects that you dream of, but then have nightmares trying to figure out.

These projects often have lots of moving pieces that are interrelated and technically challenging, so we use a rigorous, complex systems engineering approach, based on best practices gleaned from around the world (amongst which are our own). When we do this, all the pieces of the system come together to enable our clients to make better decisions, manage resources, adapt, avoid risks and achieve objectives.

We help our clients clearly define the complex problems they are facing and design solutions they can trust.

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Understanding resilience in systems

Understanding resilience in systems

Recently, I blogged my thoughts on Australia’s response to the current Coronavirus Pandemic through the lens of the The Cynefin framework. These thoughts led me to conclude that there is…

Chris French

Congratulations to Chris French

In the times of COVID-19, graduation ceremonies have been cancelled, but we didn’t want Chris French‘s achievements to go unnoticed. Yesterday, Chris dropped into the University of Adelaide to pick…

Post COVID vision for Australia

Post COVID vision for Australia

The current COVID-19 crisis has exposed elements of Australian society with respect to our ability to operate, indeed survive, through a concentrated period of national disruption. Whilst the current situation…