Are you curious?

Ever wondered why you think differently? Why you seek to understand ‘how does it work’ and ‘what if’ when others simply accept? Do you get excited at the prospect of solving complex problems? Does your curiosity to ‘get in and understand’, to test, to try this and that, to evaluate, to make things easier and decisions better, drive the person you are at work and at home?

If this is who you are…you’ve found a team of people just like you, because that’s what Shoal is all about.

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Meet our people

We are a team of people who believe that no problem is too big. A team of people that, despite sharing the same passion for finding answers, come from diverse backgrounds and different experiences.

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John Furness

Systems Engineer, Adelaide

Duane Jusaitis

Enterprise Architect, Adelaide

What’s it like to work at Shoal?

As systems thinkers, you won’t be surprised to hear that we see our workplace as a complex system, with many interrelated parts and programs that impact our results. Likewise, we understand that a workplace can be more than just a ‘job’. We understand that for you to thrive and achieve your full potential, there are many interrelated aspects that you need from an employer. Here’s a snapshot of what life is like in the Shoal…

How do I fit?
  • We understand that to do your best work, you need to know how your work contributes to the company’s vision. At Shoal, we take the entire team to inspiring places (the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Fiji, Singapore to name a few) and take the time to explain the strategy, engage in technical and professional development, learn about the future of our profession and strengthen team bonds at our week-long annual retreat
  • Every Monday we meet virtually or in-person as a company for a weekly all-in
  • We understand that how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver. As Shoalers we value boldness, self-awareness, professionalism, creativity and sociability. These values don’t just evolve by accident; but are developed through frameworks to support and develop our people.
Ongoing professional development
  • Our employees have access to Shoal’s Career Development Framework, a tool through which our Engineers can plan their professional development to target the experiences and qualifications they require to take the next step in their career. With a framework in place and corporate support to achieve development objectives, we’re able to support our people to grow and develop.
  • Shoal’s career development framework is used to drive our bi-annual career progression discussions, where the growth and development of every one of our people is considered in terms of their readiness for promotion. We’ve seen lots of people promoted through this process, with a commensurate salary increase, and most importantly, clarity for individuals on what is required to progress to the next level.
  • At Shoal our people are allocated work time to get involved and participate in R&D as part of our moonshot project and to join our ‘tackling poverty’ project. These projects are an excellent way for our people to use their skills to give back to the community but are also excellent opportunities to apply your skillset in a different context!
  • Many Shoalers participate in our Ideas Club, where we read a particular book or article or listen to a podcast and then come together to dissect, divulge, discern and discuss great ideas.
  • At Shoal’s fortnightly Knowledge Sharing Sessions our people are given time to focus on technical and professional mastery. Technical engineering sessions are interspersed with sessions devoted to business, professional and personal skills development and well being, including building your personal brand, financial planning and superannuation and managing your energy through sleep, for example.
Remuneration and benefits
  • Our people enjoy gift vouchers and/or airline points to celebrate their work anniversaries
  • Our people can choose to salary sacrifice a range of items, including salary sacrificing into superannuation, to maximise their personal circumstances
Health and well-being

Shoalers enjoy a very flexible, family friendly, hobby friendly work environment. We understand that work/life don’t happen in isolation and that sometimes you need to be present in one area more than the other. We don’t consider this an employee ‘benefit’, its about being able to perform in and enjoy all areas of your life, work being but one of those areas. We walk the talk on workplace flexibility in a number of ways…to name a few:

  • Working from home;
  • Arriving at work a little later so that we can attend the school assembly or undertake that morning ride;
  • Logging off part way through the day to attend an appointment and logging on later when it suits better;
  • Working from a café, a library or the park to inspire our thinking;
  • Providing easy to use tools that allow us to collaborate remotely;
  • Fostering a culture of trust where flexibility is normalised and we feel comfortable to work in this way, knowing we’re all focused on achieving our objectives.

Shoal’s Employee Assistance Program supports Shoalers and their families with counselling through the tough times, but also focus on the more common day to day opportunities to become truly high performing.

Social (Shocial)
  • We have coined a new term…Shocial. It’s what happens when our people, their partners and the kids come together for Board Games night (and Board Games weekend – epic!). It’s what happens at Shoal’s family Christmas party and what we think will happen at our inaugural Sports Day (coming soon). For us, Shocial explains how we actually enjoy spending time with the people we work with…we choose to go out for dinner or have a drink on a weekend with the people we work with.
  • The Mario Kart competition is fierce! (We’ve seriously contemplated working a game of Mario Kart into the recruitment process)