Internship 2019/20

Applications are now closed.

Thank you for your interest in Shoal’s 2019/20 Summer Internship. We’ve received a bunch of applications that we’re excited to review, from applicants we’re excited to meet.

If you didn’t meet the application criteria this year, keep a look out for our 2020/21 Internship; we’re always looking for the best, brightest and most creative people to come and experience the culture at Shoal.

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Meet Victoria and Tom. They joined Shoal last year as Summer Interns and are still working with us today.

This year, we’re seeking another couple of enthusiastic, lateral thinking, problem solvers, with blue sky ideas, to work with us in exploring solutions to problems in space-based earth observation.

To be considered, pitch your idea in a 60 second video and submit your application before 1 September 2019. The successful team will work with us to explore solutions during a 12 week, fully paid internship program.

About Our Internship

Shoal’s Summer Internship offers a 12 week, paid internship for a team of two undergraduate students from any university across Australia. We are looking for those who are interested in aerospace, software design and systems thinking.

The successful team will work closely with a technical supervisor to research and develop their own idea, pitched to us in their application. They will be mentored and supported to progress their project, while developing skills in engineering and experiencing the Shoal culture. The internship is based in our head office in Adelaide.

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Key Dates

1 Sep 2019        Applications close at midnight (Aus. Central Time). Only online applications accepted.

1 Oct 2019         Applicants shortlisted for interview. All applicants will be notified of their continuing status.

1 Nov 2019        Winners announced.

Nov 2019           Internship commences. Start date to be negotiated with successful team.

Last Year’s Interns

How did Victoria and Tom become our Summer interns last year?

Victoria and Tom met at the University of Adelaide, where they are studying mechanical engineering. They were both tutoring first year students, when they came across our Summer Internship program. Last year’s internship applicants were asked to answer the question:

“How much pizza will be consumed on Mars in the year 2100?”

Victoria and Tom’s first thoughts were:

“Yummmm pizza,” …and their second thoughts were “hey, we can figure this out. Let’s enter this together.”

Having worked together on various university committees and tutoring, they already had a respect and understanding of one another’s skillsets. But trying to answer such a loosely constrained problem, with no definitive answer, was daunting at first. So, they broke it down to consider the individual factors and how they influence each other. They logically dissected the problem and justified the reasons why they chose certain elements that led to their answer.

Here’s what they did:

At Shoal, when it came to assessing applicants, we were impressed with the way Victoria and Tom approached the question, which ended up being quite complex. We had posed a question that had no correct answer. Rather, it enabled us to assess the applicants’ way of thinking against complex problems; one of the many qualities Shoal values in all employees. Tom and Victoria were already thinking like systems engineers and we liked that.

We also liked that fact that they were very different to one another but had successfully worked as a team together. Tom loves the outdoors; rock climbing, surfing, bike riding and touch footy, and tinkers in robotics. Victoria drives herself hard in other ways; tutoring, leadership roles in committees and lecturing. Their respect and trust in one another impressed us.

Victoria and Tom worked with us for three months, from November to February, on an internal research project, whilst also contributing to projects we were working on across transport and defence. They have continued their employment with us, following their successful internship. You can read more about their experience here.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Applicants must be a team of two people. Each team member must be undertaking a STEM degree at an Australian university and have completed, or currently undertaking, their third year. You do not need to be eligible for a defence security clearance, however you do need to inform us of your Australian residency or visa status in your CV. Students are invited to apply from all around Australia but will have to be willing to make the move to Adelaide as the internship will be based in the Adelaide Office. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in person, or via Skype.

What do you mean by ‘Paid internship’?

An approximate wage of $25 per hour plus superannuation will be paid to each member of the successful team to compensate them for their contribution to Shoal. Over the nominal time of the internship of 12 weeks, and 38 hours per week this would equate to a remuneration of around $11,400 per person. Noting, we will be flexible on start and finish times to ensure we find the right team, and hence this total remuneration is an approximation.

Are any additional expenses covered by the ‘paid internship’

No. Other than the above-mentioned wage, all other expenses (such as flights to attend the internship, accommodation, travel to and from work, incidentals etc if required) will be at the expense of the interns.

Can Shoal be flexible with respect to the start and end dates of the internship?

Yes. Shoal is seeking applicants for a 3 month internship however recognise that good candidates may have an exam or other extra-curricular activities that might impact their capacity to commence the internship within the stated time frame. As such, we are willing to be reasonably flexible with the start date of the internship. If you require this flexibility, please make a note in your executive summary when submitting your application.

What support will I receive during the internship?

During the internship you can expect to be partnered with two junior Systems Engineers, with overall guidance from a Senior Engineer who will provide advice on your internship project. Working as part of Shoal’s collaborative culture, you will also enjoy the opportunity to participate in company all-in meetings, Engineering Knowledge Sharing sessions, Sector Team Meetings and have access to other Engineering professionals and leads, including Shoal’s Chief Engineer.

In addition, you will undertake a comprehensive induction upon commencement, which will help you get up to speed with how things are done at Shoal, so you can focus on your project.

Shoal takes its internship seriously and commits to ensuring its interns are provided every opportunity to learn and enjoy the Shoal culture.

You have stated that you are seeking applications from teams of two (2)? What if I can’t find anyone to apply with me?

It is Shoal’s preference to take on a team of two (2) interns as we have found, through experience with our 2018 interns, that this provides a good opportunity for team mates to support each other through the internship program. If you can’t find anyone to apply with, consider ways in which to tap into other individuals facing a similar situation. One of Shoal’s values is ‘Creative’ – consider how you could be ‘creative’ with respect to partnering with other interested parties to apply for the internship.

May I edit my video application?

No. Videos must be no longer than 1 min in length. Rather than your editing prowess, we are seeking insight into your team dynamic, problem solving and thought processes.

I am having difficulty uploading my application. Who can I contact?

Email [email protected] or call Shoal on (02) 6239 4288 and advise that you’re having trouble uploading your application for the 2019/20 internship program. You will be directed to the most appropriate person.

Alternatively, instructions on creating a YouTube account, uploading a video and changing privacy settings can be found at the following links:

By submitting an internship application, you agree that Shoal may use, reproduce and communicate the idea(s) contained in your application for its internal business purposes, including assessment purposes.  If you are granted an internship, Shoal will own all intellectual property rights in any inventions, innovations or materials created in relation to the idea(s), unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Shoal reserves the right to use the content from your video for further promotion.