The Australian Systems Engineering Workshop (ASEW) is an annual event run by the Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) bringing together leading technical, research, government and industry participants from Australia and overseas. As the annual working event of SESA, the workshop provides opportunities for practitioners, researchers, managers and others in the field to network, develop the practice of systems engineering, and to communicate issues and ideas.

The two-day event saw sessions in Model-Based Conceptual Design (MBCD), System-of-Systems Engineering (SoSE), telecommunications, and transportation. Keynote speakers included:

Shoal was a prominent contributor to the workshop with our Chief Systems Engineer, Dr David Harvey, facilitating sessions on MBCD, Professor Stephen Cook leading an overview of SoSE, and our US transportation industry partner, Anne O’Neil, leading the transportation sessions.

Shoal looks forward to the next major systems engineering event in Australia, the INCOSE International Symposium 2017 being held in Adelaide in July.