Today Aerospace Concepts debuted our new course, Model-Based Conceptual Design – A Practical Approach, in Washington, DC. Dr David Harvey and Tommie Liddy taught early-stage capability design using the model-based systems engineering techniques to participants from a range of industries across the United States.

The two-day course, designed for those working to shape major systems early in the lifecycle, covered discovery of stakeholder needs through to solution architecting and specification.  The course covered both the theory of early-stage design with complementary practical workshop sessions. One participant commented:

“My overall impression was that it was very well organized and made good use of intertwining the hands-on and lecture portions to prevent our minds from wandering. It would be great to meet up with you guys again – I think my one “complaint” was that I would’ve liked to have a longer version of the course.”

Aerospace Concepts plans to offer this course in Australia and in the United States on a regular basis.