Digital Engineering

Digital engineering is at the centre of our systems thinking capabilities, with advancing the theory and practice of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) at our core. We constantly invest in the research and innovation that enables us to continue to lead the field in its advancement and application, reducing your project risk and increasing successful outcomes.

Digital engineering expertise delivers solutions to complex, and often ambiguous, challenges.

Your challenges

Our solutions

Introducing new capability or systems into an existing capability architecture. Performing capability design that integrates the operational analysis with the descriptive information models that provide the evidence and design rationale to find the optimal solution and deliver the operational and functional designs you need.
Transforming your project or enterprise to employ a digital engineering capability. Working with your leaders and engineers we provide expert guidance to develop and implement a plan for the transformation of your engineering capability from traditional (e.g. document based) to an advanced, low risk and future proofed, digital engineering capability.
Understanding the strategic alignment of program of interrelated project and the benefits they realise. Capturing the information on the strategy, program and projects we develop a model-based approach to improve structure and traceability from strategy through to the project system concept, enabling better informed decision making.
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a System design and development project. We work with your engineering team to…

Industry leadership

Shoal has been at the forefront of advancing the theory and practice in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge. Digital engineering has be found to deliver a more superior return on investment for our clients than traditional unstructured and document-based approaches, still unfortunately found on some projects.

Through this leadership role, our papers have been peer reviewed and presented at national and international conferences; we initiated and chaired Australia’s first annual MBSE Symposium; formed and chaired INCOSE’s Model-Based Conceptual Design Working Group; and have made significant contributions to INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Handbook and related standards. Our staff are recognised for these efforts with INCOSE’s awards, fellowships and keynote addresses to INCOSE’s international symposium.

For Shoal, the essence of our Systems Engineering Capability is digital, and specifically Model-based Systems Engineering. Our view is that there should only be a digital engineering approach to engineering systems and capabilities. The published evidence demonstrates that for complex challenges any other approach increases risk and the final cost and schedule of the project.

Sector experience

Across the defence and transport sectors, in Australia and abroad, we provide systems engineering support to programs in government and industry that is internationally recognised. Shoal has employed a digital engineering approach across the whole capability lifecycle, to provide the digital thread from strategy to detailed capability and system design to project delivery and integration into the operational organisation. This digital engineering approach ensures there is a digital thread of decision rational and decision making across the whole lifecycle and that the lifecycle is executed as efficiently and effectively and possible.

Our expertise

  • Digital transformation of systems engineering
  • Model Based Systems Engineering
  • Creating the digital thread from strategy to systems design to systems integration
  • Defence, transport, infrastructure and space systems
  • Early lifecycle systems engineering.