We help our clients improve their ability to deal with complexity through organisational development, professional mentoring and specific, tailored training in the capability design and analysis work Shoal conducts.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Duration: 4 days


Successful development of modern systems involves engineers developing a deep understanding of the complex problem they face and how the solutions they develop will meet these challenges. Model-based systems engineering is the modern approach to this design effort, supporting conceptual design through to implementation and beyond with an underlying model that contains information about the problem and designed system solution. This current common understanding, with fit-for-purpose views according to user need, allows for significant benefits over the traditional document-based approach including improved robustness, traceability, knowledge sharing and alignment of analysis.

These courses focus on systems thinking and the model-based paradigm implemented in CORE or GENESYS. Through the course students will see how to apply model-based techniques to behaviour modelling, requirements analysis, functional analysis and allocation, and system synthesis.


Tailored Training

Shoal has experience in developing and delivering tailored training in a variety of domains. Previous training experience includes:

  • Capability skilling;
  • Capability design for fire and emergency services systems;
  • Functional analysis;
  • CORE scripting; and
  • Industry specific model-based systems engineering.

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